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Maiko  in Hanamati of Gion in Kyoto.

It says about the person in the probation of Geisha. Otyayasan of Hanamati is the place where Maiko and Geiko and the customer play. There are classy Japanese food, a salmon and ways of enjoying which are various. There are five Hanamati of Kamisitiken, Gion, the Pont butterfly, the Miyagawa butterfly at present in Kyoto. There is a rehearsal hall, Kaburenjou, respectively and Geiko and Maiko belong. The appearance of the streets and Maiko of Otyayasan and Okiyasan is the scenery which seems to be Kyoto very much.

Even if it is rich, the vessel which doesn't have introduction is refused. The being of practicing in the daytime of Maiko's every day is done repeat in the Japanese-style room at night. As for the rehearsal, the dance, the long epic song, the musical accompaniment and the tea ceremony are a requirement and the other can choose favorite ones such as the Japanese ballad-type song, the pipe, the thing, the Chinese fiddle.

When entering Okiyasan, that it is possible to have a good sleep becomes only 2 days per month. Maiko's way of spending in the holiday is the sansar of the pains of Maiko, each of the vessels, where seniority is had priority over about than anywhere else, too, when it takes a trip with the overnight when it has the recess to it went to see a movie, to have gone to buy clothes to it and for it to have been put together into it.

Being told from the elder sister in addition to mother at " the house " who is bigger than from herself is absolute. It says that it is always a tense continuum to have a living attitude severely checked through daily life as accustomed to grown-up Maiko. Being fairly great life without most in the free time, too, and so on. By the way, during the probationary period, it says that it has resigned from the half of Maiko applicant.

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My name is KUNIKO. I am an inhabitant of KYOTO. Please know more about KYOTO.History of World Heritage, wonderful traditional crafts, beautiful garden etc.They are the culture of KYOTO.Please come to KYOTO.

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