Culture and history in Kyoto

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Kyoto is a beautiful city

Torii of Fushimi Inari

Kyoto is a beautiful city. There are world heritage temples and shrines, and beautiful gardens. The scenery where the seasons change gives great impression to people's mind. Kyoto's cuisine makes people around the world happy. Did you know that? Kyoto cuisine is based on Wasyoku. Within Japan we can say confidently that Kyoto is the best city with history and tradition. It is the capital of the Millennium from the Heian period. And what people want to know to people all over the world, Kyoto people are gentle and kind without exception. There will be the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Please come to Kyoto which is very popular as a tourist destination. I will tell you that I do not write in the travel guidebook so that you would like to visit Kyoto. I will write on this site that only people in Kyoto know, so please know the wonder of Kyoto.

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My name is KUNIKO. I am an inhabitant of KYOTO. Please know more about KYOTO.History of World Heritage, wonderful traditional crafts, beautiful garden etc.They are the culture of KYOTO.Please come to KYOTO.

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