Imitation of Maiko

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There are many fakes of Maiko

There are lots of fakes of Maiko.Tourists borrow Maiko wigs and Kimonos, have makeup and dressing, and wander around the sights of Kyoto in the form of maiko. Maiko which can be seen in the daytime is 90% fake.

Specifically, few of Maiko to come across in Kiyomizudera - at the temple and in Gion, Arasiyama in Kyoto in tourist season is genuine Maiko actually. It rents the clothing and the wig of Maiko and the business for the excursionist who does to the makeup exists. It is accustomed to the appearance of Maiko if this business lets out money to the excursionist even if it is not Japanese in the popularity. Being the excursionist who was disguised about Maiko is most. It is called sightseeing Maiko. Around the early stages, the company which films the movie of Samurai in Kyoto was begun business but as the very ordinary business, it came to spread widely. There are a lot of problems in this. Genuine Maiko and the mistaken scene increased from the other excursionist who doesn't know a situation and the appearance that the excursionist who put on the clothing of Maiko with expansion of the service industry eats and drinks in the city became " it causes the misunderstanding of the culture of Gion " to be regarded as being a problem, too. Maiko doesn't go to Starbucks and MacDonald's. It doesn't use even a cell phone in public. When telling a vessel, it talks, stopping certainly. It doesn't paint a lipstick once more in public. It cherishes the beautiful image of Maiko. The Japanese have the possibility to be perceptive, too, somewhat if being, but the excursionist from the foreign countries doesn't understand at all and that the bad image whether or not Maiko is such one is on, too, is thought of. Indeed, there seems to be a lot of cases which are introduced in the blog and SNS and so on, believing that it is the real thing, too. I who love Kyoto, too, am feeling sorry. Maiko is because it is the culture of Kyoto. We tell the real thing of Maiko and a way of discerning excursionist Maiko. 1. It is not in the tourist resort in the daytime first.

It is from the evening that Maiko goes out. In the daytime, it is often the time of the rehearsal and the clothing, too, is not the clothing which is peculiar to Maiko. Rarely, it seems that it sometimes visits a tourist resort by the coverage and the shooting and so on, too, but it hardly is.

Putting on makeup, putting on clothing basically from the evening, it heads for the shop. 2. Maiko is its hair and excursionist Maiko is a wig. By only seeing a little, it may be difficult to understand but I understand if seeing a hairline. 3. Pay attention to the lipstick. I know that it sees a mouth well. It doesn't paint red on the labrum. 4. The gesture Walking in the ham of Gion while excursionist Maiko smokes, the excursionist from the foreign countries who saw it seems to have the person who thought that it is such one, too, with Maiko.

When thinking of the feelings of the people who became Maiko barely, doing spicy going about asking for alms, it isn't possible to permit the trick of the manners of this excursionist Maiko. As for Maiko, the gesture is really beautiful. I want you to stop causing the misunderstanding of the culture of Gion. If coming to traveling to Kyoto, then, discern genuine Maiko and excursionist Maiko.

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