Kamigamojinja-Shrine’s history

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Kamigamo Shrine and Emperor

Kamigamojinnja - shrine is the official name.(Kamowakeikazuti - shrine) is another name of Kamigamojinja - shrine. The god being festival is KamowakeikadutiOgami.

According to the historical book, Princess Tamayori, the princess of God Kamotaketunuminomikoto, was playing in Ogawa. An arrow came down there, picked it up and decorated it in the most important place in the room, She got pregnant. She named the child I was born as Kamokawakeikadutinoookami.

The family of Tamayori 's elder brother Anitamayorihiko descended made a shrine as Ujigamijinja-shrine in 678, and dedicated this shrine, Kamigamojinja-shrine began. Emperor Kanmu came in 794. Since then, successive emperors came.

In 810, Emperor Saga gave Kamo system, and in the 400th year, with the Imperial princess as king, the 35th generation Princess served the God event of Kamoyasiro. Especially Ieyasu Tokugawa was hot and faithful. It is said that it is because Tokugawa family crest, Aoi Mitsuba comes from Coat of arms of the Kamo God, Aoi Futaba.

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