Kiyomizudera-Temple’s history

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There is such a history in Kiyomizudera-temple

The world heritage Kiyomizudera - temple is a tourist attraction Kyoto boasts. And it is one of the most historic temples in Kyoto since the Heian period.

In 778, Kenjin came to the mountain called Otowa where Kiyomizudera is now, met Gyouei. A Kannon image on Yukari Tree.

He carved and put it in his  house. This is the beginning of Kiyomizudera - temple. In 780, Sakanouenotamuramaro (758 - 811) came for a wife 's sick medicine for living blood of a deer, but Kenjin told that Killing was not good, had faith in Kannon statue and donated to the temple. In 798 Sakanouenotamuramaro cooperated with Kenjin and renovated the main hall. For this reason, in Kiyomizudera it is Ginouei as Originator and Kenjin as Founding a temple. I call Sakanouenotamuramaro True wishes.

The current major building was frequently rebuilt by Iemitsu Tokugawa in 1633 when we met warfare. It has numerous cultural properties including the main hall of national treasure, it is also a world heritage. The stage of Kiyomizu is a famous sightseeing spot in Kyoto but famous.

To the metaphor of doing something unexpected is called "Jump off the stage of Kiyomizu" From this genreku period to the Meiji era There are 234 people actually jumped but the survival rate is 85% It seems to be. Meiji Period 5 Years jumped and a ban was issued.

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