Iwashimizu Hatimangu-Shrine

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National treasure

The shrine of Iwashimizu Hatimangu-Shrine main office was rebuilt in Kanaga 11 (1634).
It is a shrine that closely integrated the main hall of the Yawata model style, surrounded by the ruins and galleries in the front of the house and the dance shrine.
The national treasure designation was evaluated as having a high value as a highly complete shrine building that combines modern decor with dignified style of the shrine established in ancient times.History of Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine

Since the prime minister Tairanomasakado and Fujiwarano-Sumitom's rumor that occurred in the year of Tenkyū 2 (939), since praying at the request from the courtroom, as a company that protects the state, it has become a great religion from the Imperial Family. Emperor 's welfare and Emperor' s fortune has actually exceeded 240 degrees since the welfare of Emperor Kon Hui (the 64th generation).

In the beginning of the Meiji period, it was renamed as "Masayama Hachimangu Shrine", it was ordained by the government secretary general, but since the issue number of "Iwashimizu" is a very deep company number since its establishment, in Taisho 7th year again Shiwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine "has been renamed to the present.

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