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Although dyeing techniques have been transmitted since 1000 years ago, it is said that the pattern dyeing called Yuzen dye was established by Yuzen Miyazaki who was popular in the town of Kyono as a fan artist in the Edo period.

It is said that incorporating the novel style of painting cultivated with fan-painting into design and incorporating it into pattern dyeing is the beginning. Miyazaki Yuzen Qi said that various technologies were combined and the foundation of "hand-painted Yuzen" was born. In the middle term of the Edo era when the culture of the townspeople prospered, Yuzen dyed which is rich in colors and dyed precisely like a painting as a kimono became actively performed. In the Meiji Era when chemical dyes began to take in, "Copy Yuzen Dye" was developed that dyes Yuzen patterns in large quantities with paper patterns, and what is now called "type Yuzen" was made. By adding "Copy Yuzen" to hand-painted coloring hand-painted "Zen Zenden", the manufacturable amount increased and spread to many people. Currently Yuzen dyed technique is creatively inventive, the kimono of "Kyo Yuzen" which was given rich processing technology continues to be loved.

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