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Maiko during the day does not work

Maiko is Hanamati in Kyoto and makes it make a party delightful with the song and the dance, the shamisen. It is the step of the Geiko probation going about asking for alms. There are a diagram, a canonical age condition, height limitation and so on and they aren't accustomed to anyone. The peculiarity to Kyoto, the tradition which is peculiar to Maiko need in its own way guts to be and to continue to work as Maiko, too. To become Maiko, first, the interview of the landlady must be had. A landlady is said to be seeing him fast whether or not to be born by the severe going about asking for alms when interviewing including the relation between the parents and the child. In the guts, not being, if judged not turning, adoption isn't done. It learns the basics such as the word in Kyoto and the tradition, the manners of Hanamati in addition to the rehearsal of the dance which are necessary as Maiko from the probationary period. Before becoming Maiko, it exchanges the wine cup which becomes one Geiko and person of sisters certainly. It is a content the same as the agenda of the marriage. This sisterhood continues for a finite lifetime which is necessary for Hanamati, and the elder sister takes care like true younger sister and the younger sister renders service to the elder sister. It is possible to become a Japanese dancing girl when the test of the dance is done and passes when passing for 1 or less year. Being taken by the elder sister of Geiko, putting on black clothing with the heraldry in the house for 3 days, it goes to the party of the customer. It is the studying that, in the probationary period, comes out to the party. It is the time which makes an effort as accustomed to the atmosphere. The being of practicing in the daytime of every day of Maiko is done the repeat of the party at night.

The rehearsal dances and the song, the tea ceremony are a requirement and the other can choose favorite ones such as the pipe, Koto. In the holiday, it is in only 2 days per month. There are 3 - 4 days in the Xia and there is a recess as much as the 10th in the New Year's. The way of spending in the holiday is each of the vessels when it takes a trip with the overnight when it has the recess to it went to see a movie, to have gone to buy clothes to it and for it to have been put together into it. Because Maiko is going about asking for alms circumstances, the probation of Geiko, persistently, there, the wage doesn't occur. As for meanwhile, belonging " the house " takes care of taking money about all such as the clothing charge from the living costs. Then, every month, it gets spending money from " the house ". The reward and the shalach monos become able to be gotten from the visitor if repeating an experience and coming to come out to the party.

As for Maiko, the seniority is severe. Being against senior's Maiko than itself in addition to the landlady at " the house " isn't permitted. To have a living attitude severely checked through daily life as accustomed to grown-up Maiko, it is always a tense continuum. It hardly is in the free time, too. During the probationary period, it says that it has resigned from the half of the Maiko applicant. Much of the pleasure of Maiko is the thing thing which can meet a customer with high social status as it isn't possible to meet if it is possible to go to the place as the ordinary girl can not go and ordinary. It is that it is possible to learn a Japanese dance, a shamisen, a koto. If thinking that the weaker vessel in mixed passenger and freight in Japan will learn at its money, much money is necessary. The pains of Maiko are as the following. [ It isn't possible to take a bath for 1 week ]. Because to make the hairstyle of Maiko takes time, it isn't always possible to take a bath. [ It doesn't vote shops such as MacDonald's, Starbucks ]. It is to do so as not to break " the image " of Maiko. " Don't use a cell phone in public ". The image is a reason about this, too. " Don't have a talk while walking ". When talking, it says that it is bad when not stopping once. It is said that it is often refused in Hanamati when there is not introduction even if it does the more です riches in the one with the higher social status, either, compared with the ordinary tavern. However, the thing which is as severe recently as before is the rumor not to be.

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