Seiryou-ji temple MOMIJI


The main temple of Seiryou-ji is also called Shakado, and it is enshrining the national treasure of the Sangokuden life creatures Buddha statue.

The main hall was destroyed once at the Saga Big Fire in the early Edo period, but it was rebuilt in 1716. It is a building that eclected Zayo and Kazu as well as a gate, and has a style of Motoyama class.

The Buddhist temple of Buddha Buddha where the Buddha Buddha statue is settled is due to the donation of Shogi Shogyu General Shogun Tokugawa and his mother Mr. Katsumonin (Keishoin). On the front of the main hall there is a large amount of Yuan Yu Huang (Ohbaku Ingen) Zen school brush, a large amount of Ruin warrior (Sendenji elephant). It is a cultural asset designated by Kyoto Prefecture, and it is the center of Seiryou-ji temple.

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