A shrine of an airplane

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Hikou shrine happened to be founded in the home residence of Yawata City 4 years (1915), a pioneer of the aeronautical industry, Ninomiya Chuhachi. Juhaichi was born in Ehime Prefecture in June 1866. Octopus made by self taught was ingenious and unusual and it was called (Chuuhachidako). In December 1887, he joined the Marcame infantry regiment. During exercises in Shikoku mountainous area, I was interested in crows seeking leftovers and left a great hint to the invention of the machine which fly in the sky. After that, repeatedly researched and succeeded in flight of "Japanese crow type aircraft" by Japanese first rubber power on April 29, 1891 (1891). After that it was decided to hear reports that the Wright brothers succeeded in flight. Thu Hachi shed tears of regret, says "I accepted only the evaluation that imitating even if I made an airplane," he abandoned production.

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